Coins Royal  

Coins Royal  

Coins Royal  is one of the most active digital currency trading platform in Europe that supports two-factor authentication (2FA), earns high safety points, as there have been no breaches of public security to talk about. But though they boast several payment methods, tools like charting are fundamental to trading, and payments are less than straightforward.

Coins Royal
Coins Royal

It seems to be more of a crypto-currency payment network than a trading platform. If you might be looking to gain exposure to bitcoin or big altcoins and probably keep for a while, this fully automated platform might be the one for you.

Advantages of Coins Royal  

  • The Coins Royal exchange has no minimum deposit, which means you can start trading with small amounts before you become more confident.
  • A big advantage of using Coins Royal is the low fees. Transaction and trading fees are much lower than some other exchanges.
  • Coins Royal provides a means of exchanging government-issued currencies for cryptocurrencies. It allows you to trade multiple traditional currency pairs against pairs of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies to pairs of cryptocurrencies. This will attract cryptocurrency traders for the first time as they can turn fiat into crypto very easily.
  • Coins Royal has more than 400 cryptocurrencies available for trading. This immense network makes it a unique exchange for all.
  • Registration on Coins Royal is fluid and fast. Just enter your email, enter a strong password and you will receive a verification code or a link sent to your email in seconds.
  • The Coins Royal exchange only gives the possibility to trade in USD, EUR and GBP. No other traditional / FIAT currency is authorized.
  • The way you can make deposits to your Coins Royal account is by bank transfer. They also allow deposits by debit card or credit card. This basically means that there are three deposit methods; bank transfer or cryptocurrency from an external wallet and debit and credit cards. With the recent increase in the number of banks preventing people from buying cryptocurrencies by credit card, Coins Royal  may have fled a tip here.
  • The interface may be good for expert traders, but it is not intended for beginners or beginners. They will find this extremely confusing and could even suffer a loss if not used properly.

Trading features

Coins Royal  offers a complex but informative interface for seasoned traders and those looking for a platform where they can trade smoothly. It resonates well with newcomers and new investors, so the interface is welcoming for experienced users. Detailed charts are provided by their special “business view”, and a contextual function is available for further analysis of the charts. The list of instruments is placed next to the popup window and is divided into four main categories. The order book is neat and appears at the end of the page.

There is a news section which can be useful when important news arrives, you will be alerted quickly.

Security at Coins Royal  

Coins Royal  recommends the following for security purposes: two-factor authentication (2FA), for which they recommend Google Authenticator or a “safe and unique password” and apply 2FA to emails.

The exchange has the following safety features-

  • Certification SSL
  • Authentication by two-factor (2FA)
  • The app data is encrypted
  • Cold-storage Trezor
  • Separate Wallet and wallet servers
  • SMS verification

Since 2014, the exchange has been around and they have not suffered any reported breaches of security, so if history is any teacher it is a good sign. If a transaction is inadvertently sent to an incorrect wallet address, there are no chargebacks.


Coins Royal  on the fees are not very straightforward. The average fee is 1.5%, although they differ according to the form of payment. It is said that the price for credit card transactions is as high as 5 per cent which exceeds that of rival exchanges.


Compared with other exchanges such as Coinmama or Bitfinex the website has a superior design. Beginners can quickly navigate to the Trading panel from the sign-in tab. The operators took an excellent security initiative to automatically allow two-factor authentication (2FA) for SMS & email. Obviously, such 2FA is very easy to do, but it keeps accounts secure to sign in and withdraw from.


Coins Royal  is a newcomer, which means that there is still not much in the way of user numbers or volume trading, so making a call is hard. But the fact that in their tag line they use encryption indicates this is the exchange’s No. 1 priority.

Coins Royal  is a simple platform but it hasn’t been riddled with any breaches of security. Although the exchange seems suitable for someone who wants to buy and keep or convert from fiat money or other coin, their high transaction caps of EUR 1 million or more indicate that only the most experienced investors are catering for it. This platform is certainly a good and secure option for simply buying and selling transactions.